Couple looking at papers

Four things everyone should know about planning a cremation or funeral

Couple looking at papers
Planning a cremation or funeral after a loved one has passed requires decision-making, financial arrangements and organization in the midst of grief and sadness. Arranging for these services in advance can remove the burden of making such hard decisions during a very emotional time. Here are four things to know:

1. Prearranging allows you and your loved ones to learn about all of your options, including services, merchandise, and memorial keepsakes, and make the choices that are right for you. No two families are alike, and we will help you with the arrangements that are meaningful to you.

2. Prearranging allows you to fully document your wishes, eliminating confusion and removing the burden of decision-making from your loved ones after your passing. They will not need to wonder what you would have wanted, or worry that they might be acting against your wishes.

3. When you prearrange, you can set aside funds to pay for cremation or funeral arrangements, easing the financial burden on your loved ones. While we are committed to keeping our prices low and very affordable, cremation or funeral costs can still be an unexpected expense that might come at a difficult time for your family.

4. Arrangements do not have to be a long, formal process. We offer several ways to preplan. You can make an appointment with our staff to arrange in person, arrange online through our website, or make arrangements via email or over the phone.

Please contact us for more information about preplanning.
Posted: June 08, 2023