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Arthur Fitch far exceeded any expectation we had upon choosing and moving forward with your chapel. He handled my family and I with the utmost compassion and made us feel as though we were not alone. He covered every little detail and followed up every step of the way. He solidified that not just Debbie, but we, were all in the best of hands and we mad the best choice choosing you.
~ Peter   H. - 4/26/2019

The professionalism and care of New Comer, especially Nick Skimmed, at the most difficult of items is why we will recommend them always. We were completely satisfied and can't think of anything you need to improve. Again our thanks to Nick who made a difficult time much easier and planned a lovely service.
~ Carol   H. - 4/17/2019

Nick was absolutely wonderful. I cannot express how he made a difficult situation a lot easier to deal with.
~ Jacqueline   S. - 4/16/2019

I'm glad I prearranged services because it made this difficult time much easier. The private family viewing was nice and I don' think most funeral homes offer this service. David was helpful in making the arrangements happen. Jason did a great job to preplan the funeral arrangements, which made things easier.
~ John   F. - 3/17/2019

Newcomer was outstanding to our family. They were so kind and courteous through this unexpected and difficult loss of our father. Mr. Fitch was so helpful and we appreciate all he did for us. We highly recommend Newcomer.
~ Tammy   B. - 3/8/2019

Thank you all very much for all you guys did for my family and to make my dad's life viewable and he was more than just a somebody. Everyone that was involved was so overally nice, understanding and made the process that much eastier. Keep up the great work- it's appreciated!
~ Amanda   D. - 2/22/2019

Nick was great from the first minute we made our planes to the finish. Everything was perfect. Nothing could have been better. Thank you with all my heart, you guys are the best!!
~ Richard   M. - 2/16/2019

Very satisfied. After meeting to plan everything- the director added extra touches. Things like old cars in the video and a Yankee symbol on the guest book. There were not discussed, she just picked it up from our conversation that these were things our loved one enjoyed. It was a very nice touch. Thank you. 
~ Gayle   N. - 2/8/2019

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