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Recent Reviews

You were extraordinary. Couldn't have made it more easy or helpful. Everything went beautifully. 
~ Kathleen   S. - 8/16/2016
We were happy with all of your services. Thank you for giving us an extra hour for the viewing. So many friends and family came and we never felt rushed. I loved how you set up the flowers. If I remember right (forgot her name), but I think it was during the wake, she was very nice explaining things. Thank you! David, was so professional for a young man. David was so kind and a very good listener.
~ Bruce   L. - 8/16/2016
I can honestly say that there is absolutely no need for improvement. Mike made this easy and went above and beyond. He was my light when all I saw was darkness.
~ April   P. - 8/16/2016
David Wilcox and the staff at New Comer did a terrific job in handling the arrangements of my Father's passing. I was also very pleased when they took care of much of the paperwork. New Comer was professional, respectful and thorough. My family truly appreciated it.
~ Kevin   H. - 8/16/2016